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The Latvenergo AS pilot project promotes household energy efficiency


Latvenergo AS, after participating in the open tender “Development of technologies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and implementation of pilot projects” organised by the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development under the Climate Change Financial Instrument, has received co-funding in the amount of approximately LVL 146 000. The funding available for the tender was LVL 2.79 million, while the available funding for a single project was LVL 250 000. During the implementation of the project “Promotion of energy efficiency in households through the use of smart technologies”, it is planned to evaluate modern possibilities for involving households in more efficient use of electricity, and thereby in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. 

The goals of the project are to employ smart technologies for providing clients with detailed information on electricity consumption, achieving more efficient use of electricity, so that the households involved in the project would reduce the total amount of greenhouse gas emissions by 10% or by 267 975 kg per year. 

To achieve this, technologies practically unknown to Latvia will be used: smart electricity meters, latest generation energy monitors that will reflect the actual electricity consumption, and local consumption metering and control devices. These devices are intended both for the metering of local consumption of electrical appliances in households and for control, since the device may also be turned on or off remotely. 

Currently the tender for the procurement of smart meters and a Metering Data Reading System has ended; the winner is the Lithuanian company “Elgama Elektronika,” a manufacturer of electricity meters.

Presently households with ordinary standard meters cannot obtain detailed information on their electricity consumption and periods of use, the only available information being obtained through reading a mechanical or simple electronic electricity meter.

The 500 households involved in the implementation of the project were selected according to annual consumption and location, including small, medium and large consumption level client groups. As a result, a study will be carried out regarding the measures that are most efficient for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and promoting energy efficiency measures for various client groups. The main benefit for the clients, in turn, will be household energy monitoring of a high level of precision as well as efficiency that will allow reducing costs for the electricity consumed.

The introduction of smart technologies in Latvia would improve the level of information that households have on their electricity consumption, activating the interest and participation of residents in energy efficiency measures and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. The project would also allow evaluating the potential of smart technologies in promoting energy efficiency in Latvia and the possibilities for changing consumer habits. The results of the pilot project will also serve as a basis for further introduction of smart meters.

In Latvia, various international conferences and seminars are regularly organised, which will allow to use the information obtained from the project both on the local and the international level, thereby promoting the common EU 20/20/20 climate change policy.

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