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Depositories of the Museum of Energy

The Depositories of the Museum of Energy are located at 19 Andrejostas Street, Andrejsala, Riga, in the building designed by the architect Karl Felsko, where the engineers of the first power plant in Riga located nearby used to live together with their families.

The Depositories hold an extensive heritage of the energy industry. Visitors can examine the originals of the collection of glass plate photo negatives taken by the photographer and cinematographer Eduards Kraucs, keeping track of the construction process of the Ķegums Power Plant, and they may also explore all kinds of electricians’ tools, climbing gear, safety belts, helmets, various measuring devices and meters, including electricity meters made by VEF factory, a rich collection of electrical insulators, among which the most interesting items are the high-voltage insulators produced in Kuznetsov’s china and earthenware factory in Riga more than 100 years ago. Documentary evidence of the beginnings of power industry in Latvia is also available: the original blueprint for Riga’s first power plant and the city electricity network drafted by the famous German engineer Oscar von Miller in 1902–1903.

The Depositories also contain a fascinating collection of historical electrical household appliances, which brings out nostalgic feelings in those who lived through the Soviet era and amazement on the faces of children and young people. The collection features electrical appliances, such as a washing machine Riga-60, hair dryers, radios, vacuum cleaners, also mixers and coffee-grinders made at the Straume factory, electrical irons, some of the earliest computers and other familiar appliances, which, although used in the not-so-distant past, now are considered to be retro.

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