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Enviromental protection

As it is the case with allindustrial activities, the operations of Latvenergo Group havecertain environmental impacts. Caringfor the environmentis one of thecornerstonesof the sustainable development of Latvenergo Group. Our effortsin bothmaking investments and ensuring the proper operation of facilities are focused on environmentally friendly actions to mitigate or avoid the risks of environmental harm.

The key environmental principles of Latvenergo Group are laid down in the Environmental Policy. One of the priorities in the Environmental Policy is to mitigate the impact on climate change in line with the European Union Parliament and Council initiatives and decisions. The basic principles in the Environmental Policy describing the environmental philosophy of Latvenergo Group and its attitude toward theenvironment are as follows:

  • To reduce pollutant emissions into the environment;
  • To use natural resources efficiently;
  • To care for the preservation of biodiversity;
  • To inform the public and stakeholders regularly and openly about environmental activities;
  • To act in an environmentally friendly manner and encourage partners and the public to do the same.

In accordance with LVS EN ISO 14001:2004 standard, we maintain the Environmental Management System as a management instrument in addition to the requirements specified in the applicable laws and regulations.

We take pride in our achievements in generating electricity from renewable energy sources, targeted actions and environmentally friendly technologies.

In 2012, 72% or 3635 GWh of the total electricity output were generated from renewable energy sources and 28% – in combined heat and power plants that use an environmentally friendly fuel (natural gas).

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